Breath of Freedom Live Performance

By Zabava (other events)

Friday, March 24 2023 7:00 PM 10:00 PM EDT

A live musical and theatrical performance of "Breath of Freedom" from the Ukrainian Theater Group - Romeo and Juliet, hosted by Zabava. Directed by Iryna Karpenko - Starring: Karpenko Diana, Alina Karpiuk, Larisa Andreeva, Zhenya Beltiukov, Anastasia Andriichuk. 

Free Hors D'Oeuvres, Wine, and Beer with the ticket price. Must me of legal drinking age. 

Sirens, Fear, Pain

Grief, Anger, Loss, Despair!

Faith, Strength, Will, Resistance


All in the spirit of Freedom. 

We feel it everyday.

We have something to say, a story to share.

We’ve changed. 

Our philosophies, our mindsets, our will. 

Our lives took on a different meaning, 

And tomorrow became a gift of fate. 

We’re ready to talk. 

Dear viewer, 

Come and listen. 

Cry with us. 

Pray with us

For the people of Ukraine. 

We do not play. 

We’re here to share our story.